1st verse
In your darkest day when you can't find your way / looking outside all you find is grey / confined by the mind trapped inside the cage
a slave to what you crave with no way to escape / look behind the mind and you will find / the place inside where the sun shines / feel it
shine like a star inside your heart / one light shine bright wash away the dark

sun light

2nd verse
we don't need to chase the shadow / don't need to wrestle don't need to battle wherever we go it will always follow / go to bed dream at night rise up tomorrow / just let it all go let your self be hollow / empty every drop out of the bottle / when you let it all go thats when you'll know / sun light shine bright light up the temple

sun light

3rd verse
lost and alone couldn't find my way home / trying to find the place where I belong / that's when I closed my eyes and heard you say / everything's gonna be o.k. / everything's gonna be o.k. / everything's gonna be o.k. / everything's gonna be o.k. you don't need to be afraid / pull back the curtains open up the shades / let the sun shine down on your face / sunlight shine bright wash away the pain

sun light


Gum Ganapataye Namo Namah / Gum Ganapataye Namo Namah

I pray to Ganesha to take away the pressure / and pave the way into the sacred treasure
Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha / to the god of all beginnings always on the job
whenever I practice or rehearse a verse / I always make sure to invoke you first
your the ancient tone known as Om / vibrating and illuminating all my bones
the enlightened One who’s tons of fun / Ganapati rocks the party when he plays the drum
master of Mridangam & the tabla / when your blessed by Ganesh than nothin can stop ya
I trust that you can bust with just one tusk / through every obstacle until they’re crushed
from dawn to dusk and from dusk till dawn / removing all obstacles till they’re gone!

Ganesha Namah Om, Ganesha Namah Om, Ganesha Namah Om, Jai Jai Ganesha


1st verse
High up in the Himalayan mountain peaks / their lived a beautiful goddess named Parvati, Parvati was the wife of the god named Shiva / the king of all yogis who destroys all
demons / now Shiva loved to practice yoga deep in the forest / far away from the world &
all the things that lure us /in deep samadhi for weeks and months / practicing detachment
completely untouched / but whenever Shiva left Parvati stayed home / often feeling sad & all alone / so one day she prayed & made a wish / for a son who she could have fun
& play with / the very next moment to her surprise / a little baby laid right in front of her
eyes / Parvati could hardly control her joy / for the gods had blessed her with a beautiful boy

Son of Shiva & Parvati / with an elephants head and a fat belly

2nd verse
One day when Parvati was taking a bath / she instructed her son to protect the path
so he stood in the door just like a guard / there to make sure no one entered the yard
it was at that time when Shiva returned / not knowing that his wife recently gave birth
when Shiva saw the boy he told him to move / but not knowing who his father was the boy
refused / now Shiva’s like this, truth consciousness and bliss / but he’s crazy when he’s
angry so don’t get him pissed / feeling dissed and dismissed Shiva started a rumble
an epic struggle that shook the jungle / then out of nowhere Shiva’s trident went chop
and that’s when the boy’s head was cut off / when Parvati heard the noise outside she
rushed to find that her boy had died

Son of Shiva & Parvati / with an elephants head and a fat belly

3rd verse
All the gods quickly rushed to the scene / as soon as they heard Parvati’s scream
she turned toward Shiva with tears in her eyes / and painfully explained how the boy was
there child / when Shiva realized the size of this mess / he became depressed, upset &
stressed that’s when lord Brahma came up with a plan / let’s find another head so the boy could live again / Shiva said “we’ll take the first head that we find / but we really need to
hurry cuz we’re running out of time” / deep in the jungle the gods met an elephant
a wise old being who attained enlightenment / he bowed to the gods and he offered his
head / and then they quickly returned to where the boy laid dead / Shiva placed the big
head on top of the boys body / and at first it looked funny and even ungodly / but Parvati
said the head fit like a glove / truly the face only a mother could love / when Shiva saw
the boy becoming refreshed / he embraced his son and named him Ganesh

Son of Shiva & Parvati / with an elephants head and a fat belly


1st verse 
Ganesh is so fresh chillin on his throne / surrounded by incense fruit and gold
with a heap of sweets piled in his bowl / he guards the gate and protects the threshold
when your blessed by Ganesh than you can travel / on a sacred journey to an inner temple
he paves the path that leads to the soul / & he’s known for removing all obstacles
now some may think it’s illogical / a myth or it’s just philosophical
but Ganesh makes everything possible / because elephant power’s unstoppable

Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha, Jaya Ganesha Om

2nd verse
To the god of all wisdom loved by all children / known for blessing homes that we live in
to the lord of all creatures with divine features / inspiring the minds of all truth seekers
to the son of Shiva and Parvati / with an elephants head and a fat belly
with a snake for a belt to hold up his pants / he rides on a mouse and he loves to dance
with a lotus unfolding inside one of his of his hands / & an axe to attack all ignorance
a broom to remove all hindrance / and a noose to reduce all selfishness
he writes the pages that the sages chant / droppin ancient vedic science so we can
comprehend / all the many ways that we can transcend
singin Jai to Ganesh he’s a yogi’s best friend

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Om

3rd verse
I pray to Ganesh to take away the stress / and pave the way into a place that’s blessed
centered in the chest where the breath is felt / when your blessed by Ganesh than the
stress can melt / he destroys the knots that confine your thoughts / he dissolves the walls
& he breaks the blocks / he unlocks the door to the sacred core / & he guards the gate
at the pelvic floor / the benevolent elephant who’s super intelligent / at the base of the
spine he’s the earth element / he’s the ruler of the muladhara chakra / his brother rides
a peacock and his names is Skanda / to the son of Uma and Mahadeva we offer this puja
to Shri Ganesha / to the son of Parvati and Mahesh dedicated to Ganesh cuz he’s so fresh

Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Jaya Ganesha Om


1st verse
Hanuman G, son of the wind / lord of the monkeys Rama’s best friend / you eliminate
illusion and destroy all sin / and your known as Shiva’s incarnation / champion of truth
with the thunderbolt body / the mighty monkey god who embodies bhakti / your the breath
of Ram, Prana Shakti / you achieve victory like the movie Rocky / you carry a club to
smash the thugs / your the perfect servant the embodiment of love / you’re the face of
Grace and your heart is pure / you make the whole demon race tremble when you roar
in service of the Lord your the demon destroyer / also known as the king of all warriors
your compassion in action devotion in motion / with the strength to leap the length
of  the ocean

Rock On,  Hanuman Rock On, Rock On

2nd verse
Hanuman G, you have the power / to be as small as a cat or as tall as a tower
you devour lust, ignorance, envy and greed / you succeed and never cower in the hour of
need / you leapt to Lanka and reassured Sita / don’t worry bout a thing cuz Rama’s
gonna free ya /you burned down Lanka when your tail was on fire / and to serve Lord
Ram is your only desire /when Ram’s little brother was about to die / without a second
thought you began to fly / in search of a cure high in the Himalayas / but when you
weren’t sure which herb to take him / you brought the whole mountain back with one
hand / that’s why Hanuman your Rama’s best friend /you embody bhakti the yoga of love
that’s why Ram gave Hanuman a big ol hug

Rock On, Hanuman Rock On, Rock On

3rd verse
Hanuman G, there’s no monkey greater / but sometimes you have funny behavior
Once when Sita gave you a necklace / you bit it with your teeth like it was your breakfast
then Sita asked “Hanuman what was wrong with the mala” / you replied that you were
just tryin to find Rama / then someone said “Hanuman is Ram inside of you” / and in
that moment you revealed your Truth /you tore open your chest and inside your heart
Ram was shining like a diamond inside the dark / you said when your separate that’s
when you serve / but when your connected you and Ram merge / you’re the mighty
monkey of the epic Ramayana / you repeat Ram’s name the holy Ramanama
singing Kirtan with the cymbals in your hand / going on and on like a one man band
singing Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram / rockin on and on till the break of dawn

Shri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram


Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya / Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya

1st verse
Now I bow to Shiva with love and respect / I invoke him with this slogan so I’m open to
connect / with devotion cuz I’m knowin that he’s always in effect / in deep meditation
with a snake around his neck / he’s the husband of Parvati Maha Shakti / & he rides
a white bull the vehicle Nandi / he’s Ganapati’s father mister Mahadev / and the Ganges
flow down from the crown of his head /a crescent moon rests right next to his dreads
he’s the god of the dead covered in ash / with a smile on his face his compassion is vast
living in a place called Mount Kailash /in the Himalayan kingdom known as his home
& in the shape of a lingam he’s a rolling stone / to the king of all yogis Shankara
Shambo / Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya / Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya

2nd verse
To Shiva Shankar, the yoga master / known as Nataraja the cosmic dancer
lord of destruction, god of disaster / and if you don’t invite him he’s the of party crasher
to the old school mystic, who’s non dualistic / Shiva guides my mind so that I can shift it
away from a place that’s materialistic / into a space that’s more holistic / magnetic ascetic
you make the soul shine / you awaken the snake at the base of the spine / third eye wide
open in a yoga pose / you show us how to focus so the lotus unfolds / in deep
 with breath control / returning to the source now we feel the force flow
when the Jiva meets Shiva opposites become whole /
Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya / Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya

3rd verse
Om Namah Shivaya the flames get higher / as the corpse gets burned on the funeral pyre
the soul never dies so it won’t expire / when it’s time to die just take off this attire
exhale to let go of the ego’s desire / let your soul be inspired to shine even brighter
like Shiva Nataraja the one that I admire / dancing on a demon in a burning ring of fire
Mahadev it’s been said that your pure auspiciousness /and your known as Truth Bliss
& Consciousness, /creating, devastating and always transformation / you save the whole
world when you swallowed up the poison / destroying bad habits ignorance, and greed
practicing detachment, compassion, and peace / to the king of all yogi’s we offer these
prayers / to the lord of meditation living in the Himalayas

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya / Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Shri Krishna, your pure charisma / your flute playing is so intoxicating
singing your song down in Vrindavan / enchanting the Gopi’s and all your devotees
filling the hearts of all the Bhakti yogis / in a trance you dance the divine romance
of the Rasa Lila with Radha Rani / in the Bhagavad Gita you teach us Bhakti
your divine past times are so sublime / they open the heart and reassure the mind
providing us shelter when the monsoon lingers / balancing a mountain on the tip
of your finger / your the sweet butter thief named baby Gopala / the lover of Radha
& the killer of Kamsa / to you dark blue just like the ocean / I offer my devotion
through all of my emotions

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


1st verse
Once upon a time not long ago / there was a boy who would grow & become a great soul
he lived in India and his name was Gandhi / he believed in human rights & he felt so
strongly / that he made a vow to train himself / because he realized first he’d have to
change himself / he changed his clothes & decided to walk / some days he practiced
silence and refused to talk / when he was young he studied to be a lawyer / and then he
became a great spiritual warrior / he read from the scriptures of every religion / came to
the realization that we’re all God’s children / because he understood that we’re all equal
he became a spokesman for the people / a karma yogi devoted to service to spread truth
& peace was his purpose

Be the change that you wanna see / in the world, just like Gandhi

2nd verse
Gandhi dedicated his life to the cause / even when it meant breaking unjust laws
he often faced prison and incarceration / but that only strengthened his determination
he said he would make every sacrifice / but that he would never kill or take a life
he used his heart instead of his fist / and he taught non-violence as the way to resist
peaceful soldier who used his mind / to fight for the rights of human kind
but not just people, animals too / and his basic teaching “God is Truth”
he joined MuslimsSikhs, & Hindus / ChristiansBuddhistsJains, and Jews
all the many paths that lead into / the light that shines bright inside of me and you

Be the change that you wanna see / in the world, just like Gandhi

3rd verse
“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” / and it takes more strength and faith
to be kind / with that in mind Gandhi took a stand / against the foreign occupation of
his land / when things got violent Gandhi would fast / not eating for days until the riots
would pass / but the biggest event that made the British halt / is when Gandhi-ji decided
to harvest salt / the British empire installed a salt tax / and stealing salt was an unlawful
act / so Gandhi and his peeps, took the streets / ten thousand deep they marched to the
beach / but when they arrived they were beaten with clubs / but they didn’t fight back
instead they chose love / the British military realized they were wrong / and eventually
decided to go back home / you see, Gandhi-ji was a very great leader / but before all that
he was shy & meager /as a young child he was just like you and me / before he became
Mahatma Gandhi / the word “Mahatma” it means great soul / and its inside of us just
waiting to unfold / if you follow your heart and act real bold / next time it’ll be your
story that’s told!

Be the change that you wanna see / in the world, just like Gandhi